Benjamin Netanyahu

PM Benjamin Netanyahu faced harsh criticism over his decision not to invade Gaza after the hundreds of missiles launched from the strip. Mass protests broke out in southern Israel where tires were bunt at city entrances in protest of the PM’s decision to not invade Gaza.

In response, Netanyahu made clear that he had intelligence he could not share with the citizens and even with politicians.

After the resignation of Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Netanyahu told the public in Israel that the Jewish State was in a complex security situation which demanded “very difficult decisions”.

“On the issue of security, I have made difficult decisions, some of them very difficult, and I bear full responsibility. And when such decisions are made, they deal with matters of life and death. In matters that sometimes even touch upon the very existence of the state,” the Prime Minister said at the time while emphasizing that the Israel military was “in the middle of a campaign.”

Three weeks later, perhaps we are getting a glimpse into the thinking of Netanyahu. It seems like he is more concerned about the greatest threat to Israel’s existence. At this time the primary threat is Iran, and he prefers to contain the growing Iranian threat via smart and sophisticated military operations which could prevent a multiple-front-war with Iran and its proxies.

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