In response to the extremely controversial image shared by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 26-year-old son on Facebook, prominent Jewish leaders in the US are responding in bewilderment, demanding the post be removed and Netanyahu ensure his son apologizes.

Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu Photo Credit: Flash 90/Marc Israel Sellem/Channel2 News

Prominent Jewish leaders in the US close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are harshly responding to the cartoon shared by Netanyahu’s son Yair on Facebook, calling it an unacceptable act from which he must immediately remove himself from the extreme right. After severe backlash, Yair removed the post from his Facebook page.

“We are stunned and shocked at the thought that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son is sharing an anti-Semitic cartoon. Of course a son wants to defend his father, who is going through a difficult period, but the act he did is unacceptable,” the high-ranking Jewish leaders said anonymously.

“We demand that Yair Netanyahu remove the cartoon and immediately renounce the embrace he’s received from the extreme right,” they said. At this point, they prefer to focus on criticism of the son, but made it clear that the prime minister should ensure that his son “takes responsibility and apologizes.”

Yair's controversial anti-Semitic post captioned

Yair’s controversial anti-Semitic post captioned “The Food Chain” Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“It cannot be,” they said, “that a prime minister’s son speaks the same language and sends the same messages of those neo-Nazi people and organizations that the Jewish organizations invest so many resources to fight.”

Amid recent tensions with American Jewry surrounding the Western Wall freeze and controversial conversion law, it is likely that this cartoon incident on top of everything will result in a different reception from the one Netanyahu is expecting in New York next week.