Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the “father of psychoanalysis”, will star in a new Netflix series that will be filmed in Vienna and Prague, in which he will be a restless hunter of murderers.


According to Netflix, the series of eight 45-minute episodes will be set in imperial Vienna at the end of the 19th century, when the then-young Jewish Freud faced fierce resistance to his revolutionary theories by  a largely anti-Semitic society 


The brilliant and influential thinker, psychiatrist and father of a family does not appear in this fiction, as would be expected, developing theories and analyzing neurotics lying on a couch, but as a restless hunter of murderers in the dark streets of the Austrian capital.


The protagonist, played by the Austrian actor Robert Finster, is supported in these investigations by a clairvoyant woman and a policeman and war veteran.


“I want to show a ‘Freud’ that we don’t know and have never seen, a man in search of recognition, between two women, between reason and instinct,” says Marvin Kren, the Austrian director of the series.


Kren points out that, in creating the figure of the protagonist, he thought that “psychoanalysis, with its fundamental concepts of ‘id, the self and the superego’, does not formulate in a vacuum, but is based on experiences of a torn genius, for whom nothing human is alien”.

The TV series will be set to debut in 2020.