Female combat soldiers of the field intelligence company NachshoL are stationed along the southern Israeli border
Female combat soldiers of the field intelligence company ''Nachshol'' stationed along the southern Israeli border (IDF Spokesperson)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the ceremony that marked the 70th anniversary of the founding IDF Intelligence Corps.

During theaddress Netanyahu touched upon the determination and strength of the Israeli army and said: “Those who seek to harm us have learned to recognize our determination. We have no intention of compromising the security of the citizens of Israel”

We will not allow Iran to establish its presence in Syria. We will take whatever steps are necessary to thwart Iran’s attempts to arm its forces with lethal weapons to turn against us. Iran’s terror and aggression on Syrian territory will be met with the iron fist of the Israel Defense Forces”.

The Prime Minister went on to say: “I value the close cooperation between the various branches of the intelligence agency and commend the efforts to secure our existence and future.

Benjamin Netanyahu concluded by saying, “The Intelligence Corps is a key element in Israel’s strength. It leverages power and is a national asset of the first order; it is the first line of defense. The importance of Intelligence cannot be overestimated, and this role grows with time. You are the eyes and ears of the State and most importantly, you act with the heart and spirit for the good of the country”.