In a heretofore unheard of turnout, 24 Arabic-speaking Christians drafted into the IDF. “I am sure they will go far,” said a commander.

Arabic-speaking Christians at Michve Alon

Arabic-speaking Christians at Michve Alon Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

After years of low draft rates among the Arabic-speaking Christian communities, 24 Arabic-speaking Christian new recruits drafted into the IDF recently. Full of motivation, they began their service in a preparatory course in Kiryat Shmona and then completed a Hebrew course at Michve Alon.

In preparation for their arrival, the IDF set up a new platoon: “Pioneer.” The recruits finished the course a few weeks later, an event marked by an optimistic celebration.

“They are amazing soldiers and their Hebrew greatly improved,” said one of their commanders, as reported by the IDF spokesperson. “I am sure they will go far,” said another commander.

“From its first days, the IDF was a people’s army, a locus for all the Israeli communities,” said Michve Alon base commander Lt. Col. Dorit Maoz. “We all have a stake in the army, based on mutual values such as working together, personal responsibility and care for the disenfranchised.”