The Palestinian terror organization has released video footage that shows Shalit in a good mood.

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The Hamas has released new photos and films from the period in which Gilad Shalit was held in captivity. There is a great sense that this footage was staged. Shalit is seen preparing a barbecue and smiling with his captors. The feeling is that it is not threatening, very comfortable.

The question is why they are releasing this now? Hamas seems to be engaging in some form of psychological warfare in the media directed toward Israeli citizens. This comes at a time when they are trying to use pressure on the Israeli public regarding a possible exchange for Palestinian prisoners.


The remains of two Israeli soldiers from Operation Protective Edge, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul are still held by Hamas. Hamas has also for the first time exposed their “Shadow Unit”, the unit that is responsible for guarding captured Israeli soldiers.


A relative of Shalit’s said that this was a one time event after years of being held in solitude. He was allowed to go outside and there, they filmed the occasion. This is certainly not representative of captivity by the Hamas.