In new footage released from the evacuation of the Bedouin town of Umm al-Hiran where a police officer and civilian were killed, police officers can be heard yelling: ‘Don’t shoot!’

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In new footage released tonight (Monday), the police vehicle in the incident where Yaqoub Mousa Abu al-Qia’an was shot and killed can be seen turning on the siren right after the shooting. Police officers are also heard screaming, ‘Don’t shoot!’.

Approximately two weeks ago, investigators from Israel’s Internal Investigations Department came to the Bedouin town Umm al-Hiran as part of an examination of police conduct in the evacuation that took place in the area last January. The investigators attempted to reconstruct the actions of the policemen involved in the difficult events, in which forces confronted demonstrators, which led to the death of civilian Yaqoub Mousa Abu al-Qia’an and police officer Erez Levi.

Police at the evacuation

Police at the evacuation Photo credit: Hadas Parush/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

The investigators modelled Abu al-Qia’an’s ride and tried to match testimonies given by the policemen involved and conditions on the ground.


Yaqoub Mousa Abu al-Qia’an

Yaqoub Mousa Abu al-Qia’an Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In January, Israeli security forces arrived at Umm al-Hiran in order to evacuate the Bedouin town. At the beginning of the incident, it was reported that Abu al-Qia’an carried out an attack when he sped towards the police officers purposefully. Shortly after, however, many questions arose that contradicted the reports.

Erez Levi

Erez Levi Photoc redit: Police Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

In previous footage of the attack, cars are heard honking while some residents scream, “You are killing people.” Police officers are then seen running with their weapons drawn toward the car and then gunshots are heard.

In addition, it was reported that in a search of Abu al-Qia’an’s home, three copies of a newspaper from November 5, 2015, were discovered. The main stories featured in the newspaper were about a vehicular attack just north of Hebron and an ISIS attack that downed a plane.

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