A day after an Israeli F-16 crashed after being hit by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile, a new video was released showing the moment the jet crashed near Kibbutz Harduf.

The IAF F-16 jet crashing near Harduf

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New surveillance camera footage released on Sunday shows the moment an IAF F-16 fighter jet crashed near Kibbutz Harduf in northern Israel on Saturday morning.

The jet was abandoned by its pilot and navigator after being hit by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile. The pilot was seriously injured as a result, though he has reportedly made a significant recovery over the night.

Meanwhile, IDF Maj. Gen. Yoek Strik, the head of the Northern Command, said Israel does not wish for an escalation, but has the capabilities in case one does happen. He added that Saturday’s events made it clear that “Iran is seeking to create a command post within Syrian territory aimed at harming Israel.”

“We will not let that happen,” he stressed. “We will not put the citizens of Israel in danger and we will not allow for the stability of the region to be undermined.”