Recently, the Israeli security establishment was informed about new information that led the IDF to resume the search for missing soldier Guy Hever. The Israeli security establishment hopes that the resumed search will reveal what happened to the soldier who has been missing since 1997.

Guy Hever

Guy Hever Photo Credit: Guy Hever website/Channel 2 News

This morning (Monday), the IDF resumed the search for missing soldier Guy Hever, who disappeared from a military base in the Golan Heights in 1997. Channel 2 News was informed that it was decided to search specific areas in the Golan Heights and the mountainous upper Jordan Valley region after the Israeli security establishment received new information.

Recently, new information was received by the organizations within the Israeli security establishment that deal with locating missing persons. The information was reviewed and in light of it, it was decided to search very specific areas, which had never been previously searched. Israeli security establishment officials are hoping that the information will turn out to be reliable and that it will help them understand what happened to Hever.

Yesterday, JOL News reported that the IDF announced that the search will be resumed. “The State of Israel and the IDF are deeply committed to their children who are missing in action and those who are being held in captivity,” stated the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. “The IDF will continue to do everything in its power in order to solve the case of Guy Hever’s disappearance.”