After this morning’s reports from London that concrete blocks were placed around London’s bridges, additional reports revealed that one of the three terrorists killed on Saturday by police was previously known to the authorities after being reported on by a friend.

Concrete blocks placed along some of London's streets

Concrete blocks placed along some of London’s streets Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to British media reports, one of the terrorists involved in Saturday’s terror attack in London was well-known to British authorities. The London police will reportedly release the names of the known terrorists to the public once it has been decided whether they acted alone or in collaboration with others.

A friend of one the terrorists, a 27-year-old man, apparently reported him to the authorities after he watched incitement videos on the internet and spread their messages to children in a local park about two years ago, promising them money and sweets. According to the friend, the terrorist even criticized an imam who encouraged worshipers to vote in the UK 2015 election. The friend claims to have done his duty by making a report whereas it seems the authorities did not.

The investigation revealed that another one of the three terrorists also held Irish citizenship, as indicated by an identity card found on his body. It is speculated that he was likely born in Morocco but lived in Dublin. As previously reported by JOL, around 10 PM on Saturday, the three terrorists sped their car down the London Bridge, ramming into pedestrians, before continuing onto a stabbing spree by foot. According to some eyewitness reports, one of them even shouted: “This is for my family, this is for Islam.” All three were shot to death on site by police who arrived on scene.

Two days after London’s double terror attack, in which seven people were murdered and 48 more were injured, the London Police Service is increasing security measures throughout the British capital city. Early this morning (Monday), concrete blocks were placed on three of London’s bridges as two of the terror attacks over the past three months, including Saturday’s terror attack, were car-ramming attacks that occurred on bridges.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May declared that the country’s threat level will remain at “severe”. The London Police approved the placement of concrete blocks on the Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth bridges with the start of London’s work week. Pictures distributed since the concrete blocks’ post reveal pedestrians crossing the bridges as they pass by the new security measures.