In an attempt to recruit young people, ISIS has released a new propaganda video featuring young children as executioners. The video was filmed in Afghanistan, the new focus of the murderous terrorist organization.

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A new ISIS propaganda video reveals some of the terrorist organization’s barbaric methods in Afghanistan. The video shows young children holding executions. The Hollywood-type film is supposed to encourage young people to join the murderous terrorist organization.

ISIS has increased its presence in Central Asia over the past few months. Head of the Anti-Terrorist Center (ATC) of the Commonwealth of Independent States Col. Gen. Andrey Novikov warned the UN Security Council that ISIS is shifting its activities from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan and the neighboring countries.

Novikov claimed that ISIS is attempting to increase its influence in this region due to the fight against the organization in the Middle East. Novikov added that murderous terrorist organization is searching for members of the Taliban and local militias and trying to convince them to join ISIS.

“ISIS is exporting a new model of extremism and terrorist activity from the battle zones to the states in Central Asia,” he said. “The widespread activities of Taliban members in northern Afghanistan indicate that low-level commanders have turned their backs on the organization and turned to the Islamic State.”