In response to Poland’s adoption of a bill outlawing casting blame on Poland for crimes committed during the Holocaust, Israeli MKs from various Knesset parties, both right and left, have signed a bill that seeks to outlaw the denial of the role of those who assisted the Nazis.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Israeli lawmakers are promoting a bill to prohibit the denial or downplaying of the role of those who assisted the Nazi regime during the Holocaust.

The legislation, which has 61 signatories from various Knesset parties, aims to amend the current law against Holocaust denial by stating that denying the role of Nazi collaborators is also illegal.

Labor Party MK Itzik Shmuli initiated the bill in response to Poland’s adoption of a bill that outlaws any mention of Poland’s role in the Holocaust and the use of the term “Polish death camps.” The Israeli bill also guarantees legal protection for Holocaust survivors who are prosecuted in a foreign country because of details in their stories concerning Poland’s role.

“Let the Poles, and others who may be considering following their lead, know that the historical truth of the Jewish people is not for sale,” MK Shmuli said. “Many Poles were aware of the Nazi extermination machine, knew about it and assisted it. The Polish attempt to rewrite history and to silence Holocaust survivors is disgraceful.”