Over the past several weeks, a new Israeli cancer drug has showed promising results. In an experiment on mice, over 50 percent of malignant tumors shrank in just two weeks.



Over the past several weeks, a new cancer treatment drug, known as Gammora, was tested on mice with lung cancer. The results were astounding- over 50 percent of the malignant tumors shrank in just two weeks.

Not only did the tumors shrink, but there was no evidence of side effects or negative physical reactions in the mice. Unbelievably, Gammora managed to treat HIV-infected human blood with a 99.7 percent success rate in just 12 days of treatment. The drug attacks only the carcinogenic cells and leaves the healthy cells.

The experiment was conducted in the molecular biology lab of the Integrated Cancer Prevention Center (ICPC) at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TASMC). The ICPC believes that the treatment should be applicable to other types of cancer as well and is expected to enter the clinical study phase soon.

“We are excited by the very promising the results of the trial,” stated the heads of the molecular biology lab. “We will now repeat the trial that just ended and have already started experimenting with the drug on other cancer types. We believe this innovative system could be adapted to nearly all types of malignancy and look forward to witness the tumors shrink in the upcoming studies.”