The Israeli Electricity Authority announced a change of policy- it will stop cut-offs for families in need, the elderly and holocaust survivors. In addition, it won’t cut off electricity during holiday evenings and extreme weather conditions.

Israel Electric Corporation

Israel Electric Corporation Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), the Israeli Electricity Authority announced that it will stop cutting of power for families in need, holocaust survivors, the poor elderly and anyone who has an electrical life-saving apparatus at home. In addition, it won’t stop electricity during holiday evenings or during extreme weather conditions.

Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz stated that he is considering the establishment of a committee that will examine the populations eligible for the discounts.

The policy increases the time that a consumer has in order to pay his debt without suffering from loss of power. In addition, it allows a wider range of available payment options and increases the means of communication in case one needs to be warned of a debt by sending a text message in different languages.  

According to the authority, which acts as a regulator for the government-owned Electric Corporation, during the last year, almost 58,000 households have been cut off compared to 42,300 the year before- a 35% increase. Many of the families who were disconnected were families in need who couldn’t afford to pay the bills.