After a rise in terror attacks, Paris officials announced that a protective glass wall will be built this coming spring in place of the current metal one. The wall will cost around 20 million euro and is being built in an effort to thwart future terror attacks at one their main national site.

Construction will begin this fall on new protective wall around the Eiffel Tower

Construction will begin this fall on new protective wall around the Eiffel Tower Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

In the wake of the recent attack at the Louvre, the Paris municipality announced this afternoon (Thursday) its plans to build a protective glass wall around the sides of the Eiffel Tower. The new 2.5-meter wall is to replace the current metal wall on the northern and southern sides of the tower in an effort to protect the site against security threats.

The wall is expected to cost around 20 million euros and construction will begin this coming fall. The famous Parisian site is visited by more than 6 million tourists a year and could become a target for terror attacks as seen from the Louvre shooting last week.

“The terror threat remains high in Paris and the most vulnerable sites, led by the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures,” states Deputy Mayor of Paris Jean-Francois Martins. He added, “We have three aims: improve the look, make access easier and strengthen the protection of visitors and staff.”

Since the announcement today, many are concerned that the glass wall may prohibit tourists from taking pictures without climbing to the top of the tower. Martins clarified that the new wall will be made in a way that will still enable tourists to take pictures close to the site but they will be required to pass a security check.