It has been decided that several new measures will be taken in order to ensure the safety and security of Israel Border Police officers in Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate area. The measures include building elevated guard posts and equipping the officers with technological devices that will help them surveil the area.

Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In light of the recent terror attacks at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, the Israel Police has compiled a list of changes that are supposed to better protect the officers in this sensitive area. On Wednesday evening, a discussion about the topic was held by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh and Jerusalem District Police Chief Yoram Ha-Levy participated in the discussion.

During the discussion, it was decided that the Israel Police will build elevated guard posts so that the public will not have direct access to the police officers. In addition, the entry to Damascus Gate will only be through clear passages that will be established and officers will begin to use technological devices that will significantly increase their control of the area and their ability to surveil it.

Earlier today, JOL reported that Erdan promised that the security measures in the Damascus Gate area in Jerusalem will undergo “an unprecedented change.” He mentioned that additional security cameras will be installed in the area and new guard posts will be constructed in order to reduce the number of terror attacks. Since the beginning of the terror wave in 2015, the stabbing attacks at Damascus Gate have claimed lives of several Israel Border Police officers.