A year ago, new uniforms were purchased for the Israel Fire and Rescue Services at a cost of hundreds of thousands of shekels, but the firefighters refuse to wear them. The reason is that the new uniforms are flammable and dangerous.

Photo credit: Jerusalem District Fire and Rescue Services Spokesperson’s Unit

The new uniforms bought for the Israel Fire and Rescue Services cost almost half a million shekels (130,000 dollars). However, the firefighters refused to wear them as they are flammable and dangerous. When members of the Firefighters Association received the uniforms, they were shocked to discover that they are made of more than 50% polyester, a highly flammable fabric. In addition, according to the international law, firefighters are forbidden to wear clothes containing such a high percentage of the material.

Some of the uniforms have been transferred to units that do not stand in the first line against a fire, while some were placed in storage. New uniforms were purchases at a similar price.

“Following technological innovations in fabrics, the committee decided to purchase the firefighters dual-purpose uniforms both for station work and field work,” stated the Israel Fire and Rescue Commission. “The old uniforms, purchased over a year ago, will be used by the administration and volunteers.”