In a video apparently taken a few months ago on the Gaza border, a group of IDF soldiers are heard cheering as Israeli snipers shoot an unarmed Palestinian man who had apparently come too close to the fence.

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

A new video circulating on social media has IDF soldiers cheering as a Palestinian man is shot by Israeli snipers on the Gaza border.

The video, which was taken on a cell phone attached to a soldier’s helmet, shows an unarmed Palestinian man being shot after apparently coming too close to the security fence. As the man is hit and falls to the ground, the soldier taking the video and others near him are heard cheering and cursing the Palestinian. One of them is heard calling the video “legendary.”

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated that the incident will be “thoroughly investigated.” It apparently took place a few months ago during violent riots on the Gaza-Israel border. It is still unclear whether the Palestinian man was killed as a result of the shooting.