Countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Japan are among the first ones on the globe to welcome in 2018. For Israelis, it is still several hours ahead.

Photo credit: 123rf

For those living in Israel, the new year is still hours ahead at the time of writing. But other countries have already welcomed in 2018, including some of the Pacific Islands and, most recently, New Zealand.

At 12 p.m. Israel time, the new year began in countries such as Samoa, Kiribati and Tonga. An hour later, celebrations kicked off in New Zealand with a glamorous firework display. Australia will be the next country to bid farewell to 2017, making it the first whole continent to do so.

Within the next several hours, 2018 will enter Japan, China and other countries in East Asia. The first European country to celebrate the beginning of the new year will be Russia.

The Americas will be the last continents to kick off the 2018 celebrations. The traditional New Year’s Eve party at Times Square, New York City, is expected to be one of the coldest in recent years.