New Year’s Eve is a time to come together with friends, celebrate the previous year’s achievements and share hopes for the coming year. Check out these top wine recommendations for the occasion.

To keep the togetherness going, we want to plan a party to please all our loved ones. Make sure you’ve got something to please every personality type with this New Year’s wine guide.

The Life of the Party, Sparkling Wine – Yarden Blanc de Blancs

A party is not a party without the bounce and enthusiasm of a sparkling personality in attendance. Yarden’s Blanc de Blancs is a special sparkling wine made in the traditional champagne method – with a crisp, creamy and elegant drinkability, it is the perfect pairing for an uplifting celebration.

The Connoisseur – Galil Alon

If you’re not a wine expert yourself, then getting the right wine to please your favorite wine connoisseur can be nerve-wracking, but with a bottle of Galil Alon on hand, you can wash that worry away. This red wine is the perfect choice to impress the wine connoisseurs of the party. It is both complex and rich but also very versatile and easily matches with a wide variety of foods, making it easy to pair with anything you’re planning on serving.

The Traditionalist – Yarden Syrah

Who doesn’t love tradition on the holidays?  Your favorite traditionalists know exactly what they like, leaving guessing games at the door. For wine lovers who appreciate the roots of wine, this full-bodied wine is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed. It has pleasing cherry and blackberry fruit characters along with notes of smoke, earth and exotic spices and is a perfect beverage for traditional wine drinkers. If you save it until later in the evening, it will pair wonderfully with your chocolate at dessert.

The Occasional Drinker – Gamla Brut

A New Year’s toast brings even the most occasional drinkers to reach for a glass. This immensely drinkable sparkling wine is crisp and refreshing making it a perfect beverage for the occasional drinker. Its bright lemon and lime citrus characters are accompanied alongside hints of apricot, green apple and subtle notes of strawberry and fresh flowers. The Gamla Brut is great for guests who appreciate quality in reserved quantities. 

The Sweet Toothed Drinker – Yarden T2

If you want to please the sweet wine tooth of this party guest, but keep the standard of your beautiful display of quality wines, pick up a bottle of Yarden T2. This port style wine is flavorful and satisfying with cherry and plum aromas. The rich, sweet T2 is sure to please the sweet drinker’s pallet and your wine connoisseur.

Wishing a happy New Year to red, white, sweet, dry and seasoned wine drinkers alike!