Following the UN Security Council resolution, Juliet Moses, the head of the New Zealand Jewish community, stressed that although she understands Netanyahu’s intentions, “It is very sad for relations between countries.”

Juliet Moses

Juliet Moses Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned New Zealand’s conduct that led to the UN Security Council Resolution proceeding and he even recalled the Israeli Ambassador for consultations. Juliet Moses, the head of the New Zealand Jewish community, was disappointed about this move. She told Channel 2 News: “I understand the Prime Minister’s response and his desire to clarify the ramifications of the resolution but it is very sad for relations between the countries.”

Moses stated that this step is likely to cause a deterioration in relations: “Just because recently we had significant progress related to cooperation among entrepreneurs, trade and intelligence, I believe that New Zealand has more to lose than Israel. They export more than Israel and they can benefit from Israeli innovation related to entrepreneurship, the cyber field, bio-technology and also medicine.”

Moses stressed that “our official line is that we are shocked by New Zealand’s support for the resolution together with Venezuela, Malaysia and Senegal. We believe that this resolution is one-sided and won’t contribute towards peace.”  Nevertheless, she stressed that the Israeli Embassy “embodies a very important aspect of Jewish life in New Zealand. It supports festivals and cultural activities, which also advances business and public relations between religious groups.”

The British media also reported that Netanyahu will cancel a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May this coming January in Davos. The British also raised questions about the fact that their ambassador was called in for clarifications on Christmas.  According to the Telegraph, “The decision aroused anger among the diplomats.”  One of the diplomats who is not identified by a name asked: “What would they say in Jerusalem if we invited one of their ambassadors in on Yom Kippur?”  

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