The IPhone 6 launch prices stands at 3,800 shekels in Israel, while in the US it costs 1,100 shekels less for the IPhone 6 and 1,300 shekels less for the IPhone 6 Plus

IPhone 6

IPhone 6 AP/Channel 2 News

Next week the new IPhone models will be launched in Israel: the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus. How much will the Israeli consumers have to pay? More than they paid for the IPhone 5S, and more than consumers in most countries pay.

The launch price for the IPhone 6 will stand at 3,800 shekels, while the same price for the IPhone 5S was 3,600 shekels. This high price does the importers a double favor – initially, because the Israelis will buy the new device without blinking, and secondly, because it also affects the price of the previous model.

An IPhone 5S is officially sold for 3,400 shekels today, therefore the initial high price of the IPhone 6 provides the opportunity for phone companies to lower the IPhone 5S price by only a minimal sum.

While the US launch price for the various IPhone models is set, in Israel it isn’t. the record was broken by the IPhone 4S, which was introduced to Israel in December 2011, costing 4,300 shekels. The IPhone 5 which arrived in Israel in December 2012, was 700 shekels cheaper – 3,600 shekels.

Compared to the Israeli prices, the IPhone 6 is sold in the US for 2,700 shekels, in its 16 gigabyte version – a difference of 1,100 shekels compared to Israel. The difference is larger when it comes to the IPhone 6 Plus, sold in the US for 3,100 shekels, 1,300 shekels less than its price in Israel.