This fruit picking season has produced 30% more fruit for Israeli farmers. However, this is not necessarily a good thing. It means farmers do not make enough to cover their growing costs.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Over the past few days, farmers across Israel have been picking dozes of tons of fresh fruit. However, when the fruit reach the shelves of supermarkets and stores, the prices are often too high for the consumers.

The fruit picking season, which began several weeks ago, is producing a record amount of fruit: 30% more than in an average season. When there is more fruit, there is more competition among farmers, all of whom make less profit. Farmers in Israel today make less than it costs them to grow the fruit. The consumer pays a lot more today than last year, which was average.

Asher Greenburg, a farmer from Metula, stated: “This season we have about 30% more fruit. This is a bad thing. The prices are very low, and we do not make any profit. I get three shekels for a perfect peach. Last year I got four shekels for it because there was less fruit.”


This shows the dire financial situation of farmers in Israel, who have been warning over the past months that they were on the brink of collapse.