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Israeli startup continues to impress web publishers worldwide, increase their ad revenue

Founded in 2013 and based in central Israel, Adnimation is one of the leading global monetization services. However, Adnimation has several unique qualities that set it apart from its competitors, making it the ideal monetization service for web publishers who are looking to increase their ad revenue without losing, or annoying, their readers.

Adnimation co-founders Tomer Treves (L) and Maor Davidovich (R)

Let’s face it, our world is becoming more and more technology-based and online-oriented with every day that goes by, and this trend is showing no sign of slowing down. Not only has this reality influenced our daily lives over the years, but it also has changed how businesses operate and where they invested money in order to gain more success. However, such a world can be confusing for web publishers, who find themselves struggling to navigate through the webs of ad networks, and even after this struggle, they still don’t see their ad revenue climb.

An Israeli startup recognized this problem and set off on a journey to help the struggling web publishers. Since 2013, Adnimation, based in central Israel, has used its unique monetization service to manage the ad delivery system of websites, maximizing the web publishers’ revenues. With already hundreds of clients based in the United States and elsewhere around the world, the brainchild of Tomer Treves and Maor Davidovich has already made a name for itself as a leading monetization service that actually aligns its interests with the publisher partners, essentially becoming an in-house revenue officer for them.

Adnimation co-founders Tomer Treves (L) and Maor Davidovich (R) Photo Credit: Shaul Hengaly

“Many other players in the ad-tech industry are intermediaries, like ad networks. They work between advertisers and publishers,” explained Treves in an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline. “We give a good fight to giants. And our partnering publishers are sincerely happy. We take the part of work which they don’t like, so they have more time on their hands. And with Adnimation, they earn much more, so they also have more money available. Then, they invest this time and money into more content and readers. And we grow together for the long term.”

Adnimation’s authentic commitment to taking the publisher’s side shines through not only in the company’s professional human service but also on its website. In a recent three-post blog series, Treves revealed what criteria web publishers should be looking for when searching for the right monetization service partner.

Watch: Adnimation – The Monetization Service Publishers Love

Sharing a story from his past, the Adnimation co-founder stressed that when looking for a monetization firm to help reduce the workload and increase ad revenue, web publishers should be paying close attention to the company’s professional profile, actual office location and geographic location. In addition, he stressed that the bottom line question that they should be asking themselves is, do you want to work with top-tier monetization professionals or with low-cost remote outsource with no real value?

The Adnimation team is exactly what publishers are looking for and need, Treves concluded. “That’s how we built the company. A team of highly experienced monetization experts who continuously learn in order to stay on top of all ad-tech challenges that publishers face,” he added. “No wonder that publishers love working with us, enjoy the personal service and see their ad revenue climb.”

Davidovich lectures about website monetization at the NextCase conference, TLV

The fact that Adnimation provides its publisher partners with the most advanced technologies on the market also sets it apart from its competitors. Davidovich’s vast experience in the publishing world is one of the reasons for this clear Adnimation advantage. During his time as a top executive and leader with major publishers, including the Zap Group and JPost, he became intimately familiar with the needs of publishers. Also, Adnimation is a licensed Google Adx partner and provides proactive management within the premium exchange, maximizing prices.

Adnimation’s key capabilities

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