Russia and Ukraine were the victims of a large-scale cyberattack Tuesday. As a result of the viruses, flights out of a Ukrainian airport were delayed and the services provided by Russian news outlets were interrupted.


Illustration Photo Credit: Luis Santos, 123RF/Channel 2 News

A wave of cyberattacks hit Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday, delaying flights out of Ukraine’s Odessa International Airport and affecting several Russian news outlets. The attack was the largest cyber assault since June 2017.

Interfax, one of Russia’s largest news agencies, stated that some of its servers were affected by the “unprecedented virus attack.” However, the news agency clarified that by the end of the day, the issues had been resolved and all its services were fully functioning.

The spokesperson for Odessa International Airport said that a number of flights were delayed because workers had to manually process passenger information. Kiev’s metro payment system was also affected by the attack but the train schedule was not disrupted.