When school gets out the fun begins – for kids. For parents, it can be a challenge to find new kid-friendly adventures to take kids on. Here are a few out-of-the box ideas for summer break in Israel that kids will be thrilled about.

Galil Winery

Galil Winery Photo Credit: Galil Winery

1. Galil Winery

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t a winery the last place I should take my kids? This summer Galil Winery is an exception to the rule. For the month of August, they have transformed their already beautiful winery into a kid-friendly destination. The décor is now circus-themed, with games, coloring books, fun photo opportunities and music.

They even created daily kid-friendly winery tours, including an opportunity for grape tastings. Tours are available every hour from 9am-4pm. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, between 12-4pm there will be a circus entertainer who will also offer hands-on juggling, hula hoop and unicycle demonstrations. Special for the summer, the winery will be selling Italian pizza, popcorn and other fun, kid-approved food and snacks. For more information, visit Galil Mountain Winery on Facebook or contact [email protected].il

2. Israel ScaVentures

A combination of a scavenger hunt and an adventure of discovery, ScaVentures are thoughtfully crafted interactive tours of Israel that really are fun for the whole family. With a map and mission in hand, you can explore the old city of Jerusalem, the magical alleyways of Nachlaot, the Shuk, Tzfat, Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood, Neve Tzedek and many other special spots in Israel.

With over 15 tour options, you can decide which area works best for you. You can come with a group or join an open ScaVenture tour and have some fun with other travelers.  For more information, or to book a tour, visit www.israelscaventures.com.

3. Archeological sifting

There’s no mistaking the ancient feel of Jerusalem. Everywhere you walk has deep historic significance. Now, thanks to The Temple Mount Sifting Project, you can get your hands dirty and help archeologists uncover ancient relics. They have in their possession an enormous pile of rubble from construction done near the Temple Mount, that is filled with artifacts waiting to be discovered.

It’s a rare treat to be able to take part in discovering history, including coins, pieces of mosaics and pottery and much more. The sifting project is located in Emek Tzur National Park, in Jerusalem, and it’s recommended to register in advance. For registration and more information, visit www.cityofdavid.org.il/en/tours/mount-olives/temple-mount-sifting-project

Davida's petting farm

Davida’s petting farm Photo Credit: Davida’s petting farm

4. Davida’s petting farm

Uniquely situated in Moshav Yishi, Davida’s Petting Farm is so much more than just that. They have a 5-day horsemanship camp for 5-14 year old kids Sunday to Thursday, 8:30am – 1:30pm until August 18th.  Trained in riding therapy, Davida offers both a fun and therapeutic experience for kids to learn everything they need to know about riding horses.

Starting August 15th through August 29th the farm is open for families to visit from 11am – 7pm. Among the exciting activities are a petting corner, gardening activities, including decorating and planting a plant to take home, goat milking and spinning wool demos and hands-on workshops, guided tractor rides, a waterslide and a moon bounce. For more information, e-mail Davida at [email protected] or call 050-573-9899.

5. The Israeli Children’s Museum

The Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon is an incredible spot for long summer days with your kids. Many of the museums exhibits are interactive, guided stories that allow children to take an active part as one of the characters in the story. The story exhibits are intended for kids ages 2 -9 years old.

They also have exhibits for older children (and adults) that simulate the experience of being deaf and blind and are guided by hearing and vision impaired guides.  Additionally, they offer an innovative, first of its kind tour called Dialogue with Time to offer a fresh perspective on aging. These exhibits are an incredible opportunity to get in insight into a different way of experiencing life, while having fun. For more information, visit www.childrensmuseum.org.il