Independence Day is a good reason to experience the Israeli capital and the lowest place on earth from every possible angle – even if you can’t physically make it there yourself. Thanks to a new project called Virtually Israel, all you have to do is drag your mouse or move your phone – and enjoy the experience.

Watch: A short clip from the Virtually Israel tour

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For Israel’s 68th Independence Day, a special interactive video was created as part of a project called Virtually Israel, in order to provide a glimpse of Israel from a “different perspective” to those abroad.

From the calm waters of the Dead Sea to the alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall – all you need to do is drag your mouse across the screen in order get a 360-degree view of the Israeli capital and the lowest place on earth.

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“Using advanced virtual reality technology, we wish to ‘bring’ Americans to Israel without them having to get on a plane,” explained Chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) Adam Milstein. “The main goal is to present the real Israel, rather than how it is usually portrayed in the media, to people who have never been to Israel.”

According to Milstein, not only those who have never been to Israel can benefit from the virtual tour – Israelis who have moved to the US also enjoy experiencing Israel again through these special videos, which remind them of the places they miss so dearly. “They feel like they’re there again,” he explained.