The Forum of Cultural Institues in Israel has called an emergency meeting following Israeli Education Minister Bennett’s decision to remove from the Culture Basket a play written by a Palestinian terrorist.

A scene from

A scene from “A Parallel Time” Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Israeli Forum of Cultural Institutes has called an emergency meeting to discuss freedom of expression following the decision made by Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Israeli Sport and Culture Minister Miri Regev to remove a play from the Culture Basket.

On Tuesday, Bennett decided to remove the play “A Parallel Time,” written by a Palestinian terrorist imprisoned in Israel, from the Culture Basket, the educational program monitoring the cultural content of art, theater, cinema and literature taught in schools.

The Palestinian terrorist murdered IDF soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984. Tamam’s family is demanding to participate in the emergency meeting and claiming they are being disregarded by its organizers. The Forum of Cultural Institutes issued a statement saying that they have yet to decide on the matter and promising they will be updating the Tamam family on their decision later today.

On Thursday, Ortal Tamam, the niece of Moshe Tamam who was kidnapped, tortured ad murdered by Palestinian terrorists, told Israel’s Channel 2 News: “All we ask is to speak with the forum representatives. They decided to hold a meeting in the name of the freedom of expression. As part of the freedom of expression, we wish to attend the meeting.”