Tel Aviv sure lives up to its reputation, and acts up as the vibrant, sleepless, naughty, beautiful city that it really is.
Tel Aviv gay pride parade

When accommodation is on the table, there is also a great choice of gay hotels Tel Aviv is crowded with (well, they are not 100% gay hotels, but they are extremely friendly, and there are even 2 gay owned and gay operated hotels in Tel Aviv: Brown Hotel and Eden Boutique Hotel) to choose from. You can stay at a beautiful small boutique hotel, in the heart of the city, or decide you wish to wake up to the magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea, and stay in one of the hotels which are located just a few steps from the beach.

Tel Aviv is a relatively small city, so you won’t need a car for your stay in the city, (just if you’re planning of travelling outside of it as well); it is totally possible to walk from one place to another by foot, or if you’re in a hurry by bicycle (there are bicycles for rent spread in pick up and return points all over town) or by taxi. The trendiest areas are Rothschild Boulevard area, Sehnkin Street, Allenby Street, the Yemenite Vineyard, Neve Tzedek neighborhood and Ben Gurion Street; you will find many of the recommended gay Tel Aviv hotels in those areas, which are also pretty close to the beach.

Beaches of Tel Aviv- A popular destination for tourists

Tel Aviv enjoys a rather hot and pleasant weather throughout the year, so any time you wish to come for a visit will be a great time (notice that during July- August it gets really hot and humid, even more than what you imagine), but the highest moment of gay Tel Aviv is definitely during Pride week. You can come for gay pride Tel Aviv weekend only (and stay 4 incredible nights), or expand your vacation, stay for the entire gay pride Tel Aviv week, for the full, deep adventure, in which you will also go on a daily gay tour to Jerusalem and will get to know other parts of Israel as well, not only the bubbling Tel Aviv. Of course, these options are relevant not only during gay pride Tel Aviv, but throughout the year, depending on your schedule and what you’re interested in. 

Tel Aviv gay pride parade

When planning a vacation, gay Tel Aviv pops in mind immediately, as it really offers everything you can possibly think of on a gay vacation.

The city, who just recently (2011) won the respectful title of “The best gay destination in the world” on a contest held by “GayCities” website and American Airlines, is a genuine heaven for LGBT guests, as it enjoys and open and permissive atmosphere, with many gay and gay friendly cafes, bars and restaurants as well as a very active gay nightlife scene with an endless choice of gay parties, almost each and every day of the week, so there’s always something to do, people to meat, parties to dance at till very late at night (or very early morning), delicious food to eat, shows to attend and much more.

Tel Aviv has an incredible coast line, stretching from the South of the city (Jaffa) till it’s North (the old north of Tel Aviv), with many of great beaches in which you can spend your days and nights, get some tan, surf, play volleyball, meet local Israelis or just rest and enjoy the cool weather and the pleasant waters. (Beware of jellyfish which might sting you, when they’re visiting the Mediterranean waters, usually during July)