Tourists who have visited the country are apparently satisfied. Respondents in a survey of airline passengers on “EasyJet” have said that their opinion of Israel has improved as a result of their visit, and most would recommend to their friends to visit Israel. And more importantly, a walloping 78% of them stated that they plan to come visit Israel again.

Tel Aviv Beaches- A popular tourist destination

Tel Aviv Beaches- A popular tourist destination Photo Credit: AP

Tel Aviv has become an attractive destination particularly for young tourists. EasyJet released a survey of its passangers in which 78% said they plan to visit Israel again and 82% have recommended or at least plan to recommend to their friends to visit Israel as well.

Hugh Aitken, commercial manager at EasyJet, said: “Our survey helped us understand why travelers choose Tel Aviv along with what they enjoyed on their trip.” According to him, the most suspected finding was the “growing popularity of Tel Aviv for young travelers who were searching for beaches and a place to relax.”

“Israel is becoming a popular tourist destination more sought after, and at least 100 thousand passengers last year flew with our company from Britain to Tel Aviv,” added Aitken.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet Photo: Yonatan Bisky

A third of respondents who filled out the survey last July on their flight back from Israel had visited Israel for the first time, and 41% were under the age of 35. 75% of tourists came to Israel for recreational purposes alone.  Others come for business purposes and some came to vacation in Israel while coming for business reasons as well.

Seashores and relaxation sites were preferred destinations for 70% of young adults (and 53% of respondents), while the other passengers opted to travel tourist sites or to simply spend time with the family. 57% of respondents said their impression of Israel had improved following the visit, and 78% stated that they would come again. 40% have already recommended friends to visit Israel, and 42% more said they would recommend to their acquaintances on vacationing in Israel.

Meanwhile, EasyJet announced a new and third route, between Britain Tel Aviv, that leaves London’s Gatwick Airport. The company also operates flights from Manchester and Luton Airport to Ben Gurion Airport, and the airline is expected to operate from Gatwick three times a week – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday starting in April, 2014.