Seahorses raised for the first time in the southern desert city of the Aravah. “It’s a sea in the middle of the desert”, Raful Porat explains.

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For the first time in Israel, Raful and Rotem Porat have succeeded in raising seahorses in their backyard in the southern desert of Israel, the Aravah.  Raful explains, “It is a sea in the middle of the desert.  “We set up proper lighting, temperatures, and a high quality of water which support this very sensitive sea animal.”  In the Far East, seahorses are used for their medicinal and healing properties such as male potency, since the male seahorse fertilizes the female’s eggs.  The goal is to sell these amazing creatures to the wealthy in Europe.

The seahorses will be on display at the agricultural exhibition of the Arava Research and Development Center.  They will be featured along with various other local innovations in the area of agriculture.  This special cukamelon will be displayed among other fruits and vegetables whose shape and colors have been altered. The melon grows to only 4 cm in length and weighs about 20 grams. It is still not decided if this cukamelon will grow to be a fruit – watermelon or a vegetable — cucumber.  Rifkah Offenbauch of the Research Center is very excited about this innovation. “This is the first time we are revealing this bizarre creature.  It’s not an animal.  It’s a little watermelon which looks like a cucumber. It has a special tart flavor. We also have special spinach with huge leaves.”  The exhibition also includes new flowers developed for beauty and even as food. These lovely flowers come in various colors and flavors like ice cream.
And back to the water.  According to research, the calcium produced by crabs actually aid in healing human bones.

All of these wondrous innovations will be on display at the Agricultural Exhibition in the Aravah.