Ashdod’s coast line has become a mecca for surfers. The Ashdod Municipality is supporting the nighttime activity on the beach, sponsoring competitions and providing special lighting.

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It is 11 o’clock at night, 12 degrees Celsius, and this group doesn’t hesitate to jump in the water on the shores of Ashdod and compete in a surfing contest. “Now I know why he is sick all the time,” says one of the young on-lookers. “He surfs in the winter.” 

Amit’s father is Ayal Malul who has been surfing since he himself was a child. During the day, he sells metal in a factory, at night he surfs. “It is so much fun,” enthuses Ayal, “Didn’t you have a good time?”

Ashdod’s coast line has become a mecca for some 4,000 surf enthusiasts. Surfing during the day is just not enough of a thrill for them. The Ashdod Municipality is sponsoring a night surfing competition, adding special lighting on the beach. As one surfer explains, “you actually activate a 6th sense, because you don’t see anything. You have to guess where the wave is coming from.”

There will be 40 competitors in the 5 hour contest. “It’s more interesting than normal day surfing,” adds another. The hope is that night surfing will become an annual contest.  Until then, many will have to just surf in the sunshine.