25 years of Israeli-Chinese diplomatic relations will be marked by two highly anticipated performances by Chinese dancers in Tel Aviv. Over the next two months, Chinese dancers will perform special pieces in celebration of the two country’s relations with each other.

Monks from the Shaolin Monastery

Monks from the Shaolin Monastery Photo Credit: Suzanne Dellal Center

Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Center in cooperation with the Chinese Culture Ministry will be holding two dance performances in celebration of 25 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and China. The Suzanne Dellal Center will be hosting the Chinese performers during the stay in Tel Aviv for the festivals.

From Friday January 6th to Saturday January 21st, 20 Monks from the Shaolin Monastery in the Henan Province will take the stage in a dance show incorporating the art of Kung-Fu. Shaolin Chuan is a 1,500-year-old combat method developed by the monks of the Shaolin monastery. The famous and highly acclaimed group of Shaolin Monks is widely known for promoting traditional Chinese martial arts. The performance will include several depictions of the multifaceted martial art.

The contemporary dance company directed by and starring Jin Xing will perform the dance show “Jin Xing” on February 9-11. Jin Xing was born a boy and rose up the ranks of the Chinese military. Then Jin Xing decided to undergo a drastic change: to have a gender reassignment operation.

Jin Xing starred as Prima Ballerina and became internationally famous. Jin Xing founded the first Chinese contemporary dance company. The dance company will perform two pieces: SPACE 9 and CAGE BIRDS. In between the pieces, Jix Xing herself will come to the stage and talk with the audience.

The Tel Aviv Municipality stated: “Jix Xing is a prominent figure and choreographer, internationally acclaimed actress on screen and stage, television host with billions of viewers and listeners, wife and mother, and a pioneer of independent self-expression who has become, since her gender reassignment operation, a beacon of light for freedom in China.”