Shalom friends, it’s Malka Kotzer writing to you from Israel

Today I am going to comment about the Dead Sea, located some 412 meters below the Mediterranean sea level, and considered as the lowest site on earth. During July and August, our local school vacation season, the Dead Sea is one of the most popular sites for a leisure week. Actually, the Dead Sea is full of life throughout the whole year.

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So, why is it called “Dead”? Because its water high salts concentration prevents any type of living. The Hebrew name for the “Dead Sea” is “Yam/ Sea – Hamelaj/ the salt” – the Salt sea, as mentioned in Genesis 14:3 “All these were joined together in the valley of Siddim, which is the salt sea”. In Hebrew Sid – ,סִידmeans lime or Calcium oxide and in the Hebrew Bible  it refers to soil with  high minerals concentration, for industrial and medicinal use.

Join us, learn Biblical Hebrew and you´ll be able to read the Bible in its original language. You´ll be able to understand the real significance of the Hebrew words, without the need for translation. You’ll be able to explain to your friends that the Dead Sea is full of life and, it´s real name THE SALT SEA.

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I bid you farewell with my customary Shalom, a greeting of peace from Israel

Malka Kotzer,

Faculty member of