After becoming a hit across Europe, The Mud Day is coming to Israel. The Mud Day race consists of a 13-kilometer run with 22 obstacles that require teamwork to complete.

The Mud Day

The Mud Day Photo credit: EPA

After becoming a well-known phenomenon across Europe, The Mud Day is coming to Israel. In several days, Tel Aviv will be hosting an extreme sports event known as The Mud Day. The event was created in 2013 and has enjoyed over 200,000 participants since.

The Mud Day consists of a 13km (approximately 8 miles) run with 22 military-inspired obstacles including water, ice water, crawling under wires, climbing walls, and of course, lots of mud. ‘Mud Guys’ must prove their endurance and physical and mental strength in order to finish the course. Most of the participants sign up as a team and push each other to the finish line. Israel’s Mud Day will also include an amateur track of half the distance (7km and 11 obstacles).

Other than the central events, participants can enjoy different entertainment including music, beer, food and workouts in the specially made village.