Around 200,000 people took advantage of the summer sun and spent their Saturday outdoors. Many chose to visit Tel Dan, Nahal Ayun and Ein Gedi. Others visited Nahal Me’arot, Apollonia and Beit Guvrin.

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Today (Saturday), around 200,000 people visited Israel’s nature reserves and national parks, which are scattered throughout the country. The Tel Dan, Nahal Ayun and Ein Gedi nature reserves reached full capacity. In addition, national parks such as Nahal Me’arot, Apollonia and Beit Guvrin received many visitors.

Flower blooming tours were conducted all across Israel today. In addition, around 1,000 people are planning on sleeping in outdoor nature reserve lodges today.


Illusion Photo Credit: Habsor/Channel 2 News

After the short and light rain showers this week, the weather today was very pleasant and the skies were clear. Temperatures slightly increased throughout the day and they will continue to rise during the coming week.

This pleasant weather is expected to remain in Israel until Monday, when temperatures are expected to increase greatly.