Many people chose to take advantage of the high temperatures today by spending time at the beach. Beaches in Tel Aviv, including Gordon, filled up with sunbathers.

Gordon Beach, today

Gordon Beach, today Azari Amram/Channel 2 News

Gordon Beach was packed today (Wednesday) with people who decided to take advantage of the sudden summer weather in the beginning of March. Despite the intensive renovations being made at the beach, the construction workers did not bother the sunbathers.

Tera, a tourist from the UK, bought her ticket to Israel 2 months in advance and never imagined that she would be able to sit on the beach during her vacation. “The water is cold but very refreshing,” she said. “I really hope that tomorrow I’ll be able to come here again for a couple of hours, I’m afraid I didn’t bring enough summer clothes.”

Or arrived at the beach for the 1st time in the last couple of months. “The sun hid behind the clouds throughout the day so it wasn’t a completely perfect day. However, it was a great way to end the semester and start the last year of my college studies,” he explained.

Ola and Angalika finished their day at work early in order to take advantage of the hot weather: “We saw the forecast and decided to take a half day off of work but we didn’t go into the [cold] water.”