Jerusalem’s Baka neighborhood has become synonymous with upscale residential living. Its hottest new real estate project, ParkEight, represents the essence of what many Anglo buyers/investors are seeking-quality living quarters amidst the serenity of a beautiful Jerusalem neighborhood.

ParkEight Luxury Project

ParkEight Luxury Project

ParkEight’s eight impeccably designed condominium-style buildings provides residents with an elite standard of living inside and outside of their apartments. Adults and children alike can either revel in the project’s private green areas or venture out into the welcoming Baka neighborhood, which highlights a myriad of stores of all kinds, as well as coffee bars and posh restaurants. Access to the city’s downtown commercial district and the Old City are only a short ride away by car or bus.

 “The difference between ParkEight and other developments in Jerusalem and Israel which are targeting potential Anglo buyers, is that our project is not a high-density residential tower,” Ariyel Maresky, ParkEight’s Director of Marketing & Operations said.  “Many of our buyers are families who have either made Aliyah or are planning on making Aliyah where they are used to living in large homes with green gardens. We have designed ParkEight with that in mind.”

The ParkEight residential complex resonates Jerusalem’s unique architectural blend of historical beauty and modern elegance. ParkEight highlights a long-list of interior and exterior amenities including gourmet kitchens, Sukkah balconies, plush master suites, state-of-the-art private gym, children’s playroom, lush green gardens and a direct elevator from the underground parking area to each apartment.

Unlike living in a residential tower, where many apartments in Jerusalem lie empty during most of the year, ParkEight is home to many year-round residents, which creates a true sense of community.

Another bonus of ParkEight is it’s location in the heart of upscale neighborhood Baka. Baka feature some of Jerusalem’s most popular schools, kindergartens and synagogues.

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind project that can turn your dream of living amidst the ethereal beauty of Jerusalem into a dazzling reality, then ParkEight represents the investment of a lifetime.

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