At least 2,000 people arrived at the Mount Hermon ski site today in order to enjoy the snow. The CEO of the ski site said that the resort crew is working around the clock to make sure that visitors enjoy themselves.

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Despite the low temperatures, many people made their way to the Hermon ski resort today (Monday). According to the managers of the resort, at least 2,000 people visited Mount Hermon today. “They are enjoying the amazing experience,” the managers said. “It is a day of snow and visitors.”

Liron Mills, the CEO of the Hermon ski resort, said that the resort staff is working hard today. “The resort crew is ready and working around the clock so that the visitors and skiers can enjoy the quality site and a wonderful experience in the snow.”

Busy day at the Hermon ski resort

Busy day at the Hermon ski resort Photo Credit: Miki Inbar (Hermon resort)/Channel 2 News