As part of a special project for Passover, Channel 2 News and a member of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel are filming four recommended destinations for Israelis during the vacation. This is the third edition of the project: Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley.

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The Passover vacation is here and the weather outside is pleasant and encouraging many to leave their homes and adventure out into nature- but some Israelis are still contemplating a good destination. Therefore, Channel 2 News decided to present four recommended destinations that Israelis can enjoy during this Passover vacation.

Reports about two destinations, Sheva Tachanot and the Nafto’ah Observation Point, were published in the past few days. Today (Sunday), Channel 2 News takes you to Gazelle Valley, located in the heart of Jerusalem.

Amir Balaban from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel traveled to four different sites with the latest technology in order to show those at home what they are missing. For everyone who is interested in nature and Jerusalem, Gazelle Valley in is highly recommended.