The wonders of Tel Aviv can now be seen from the comfort of your own home via a virtual tour of the city. In the footage, you will see the city’s port, ancient buildings and lively market.

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Today (Saturday), Channel 2 News decided to invite you to take a tour of Tel Aviv, without leaving your home.

In the full footage, you can view Tel Aviv’s ocean and Carmel Market. You can also see some friends celebrating a birthday at a local bar. All you have to do is move the computer mouse in the direction you desire.

The video was produced as part of the “Virtually Israel” project that is aimed at presenting Israel to Americans from all different angles. “With the help of the advanced technology of virtual reality, we aim to ‘bring’ Americans to Israel, without them having to get on a plane,” said Adam Milstein, the National Chairman of the Israeli American Council (IAC). “The main goal is to show Israel’s real face, not the one that is presented mostly in the media, to people who have never been to Israel.”

According to Milstein, even Israelis who now live in the US enjoy seeing the country through special films that are played at conferences and festivals. These videos remind them of the places they miss the most. “They feel like they’re there again,” he said.