The Shalva Band consists of seven members, each suffering from a different disability. Recently, the band had the opportunity to spread their amazing message across the world.

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For the first time, The Shalva Band, an Israeli musical ensemble of seven members with special needs, left the country on a three-week tour. The group has returned to Israel for several days and will depart for another tour in the UK and Russia.

The Shalva Band was established 12 years ago. The group consists of members who are blind, have Down syndrome, autism and other forms of disabilities. In their last tour, the group performed for Jewish educational institutions in Canada, the US and Mexico.

The Shalva Band

The Shalva Band Photo credit: Shalva/ Channel 2 News

Their performance incorporates mostly Israeli music, in addition to personal stories and challenges they face. They perform approximately 50 times a year and are employed by the Shalva National Center. “The ensemble is welcomed enthusiastically by Jewish communities around the world,” the organization stated. “Each time, people are amazed to see the high level of professionalism and talent.”