Ben Gurion International Airport simulates a scenario in which passengers arrive from West African countries

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Amid the global fear of the Ebola virus spreading, it was decided to practice a scenario in which a passenger arrives in Israel with symptoms of the virus, from the questioning phase to isolation and evacuation to the hospital.

Israel prepares for Ebola: Amid the global fear of the virus spreading, this morning (Fri) Ben Gurion International Airport practiced a scenario which simulates the arrival of passengers arriving from high-risk countries.

There are no direct flights to Israel from the infected West African countries, therefore the Israel Airports Authority made a list of exchange flights which might be carrying passengers from those same countries, like the flight coming from Turkey.

The simulation required of the airport staff to ask all passengers coming from suspicious flights if they visited Western Africa recently. If they answer positively, or if they show suspicious symptoms (fever, nausea) – they are transfered to isolation in the airport.

In isolation, the passengers are further questioned, and have their body temperature measured. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry is notified, and decides whether to take the suspicious passenger to the hospital.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu held an additional meeting, examining the Israeli authorities’ preparedness for the virus, during which an overview of the Ben Gurion Airport simulation was presented.