The massive rainfall in Israel has come to an end and by tomorrow, the skies should clear up allowing people to walk outside in their rain boots. Starting next week, the warmer weather is expected with high temperatures for the season.

Flooded streets in Herzliya

Flooded streets in Herzliya Photo Credit: Herzliya Municipality

Most of the current winter system’s rain in Israel has fallen and from tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon until the evening, clearer skies are expected and the rain should stop. Israeli winter lovers will be able to walk outside tomorrow, while mild local showers may occur, but cold temperatures are still expected.

The current storm’s rainfall record holder was Safed, with 122 mm (about 4.8 inches) of rain, constituting 73% of the city’s monthly average. 92 mm (about 3.6 inches) of rain fell in Haifa and 71 mm (about 2.8 inches) fell in Akko. Above the Sea of Galilee, 57 mm (about 2.2 inches) of rain fell raising the water level by 3 cm (about 1.2 inches) over the past two days.

40 mm (about 1.6 inches) of rain fell in Jerusalem and 38 mm (about 1.5 inches) fell in Tel Aviv. Even Israel’s Negev Desert received winter showers, 16 mm (about 0.6 inches) of rain fell in Lahav, 9 mm (about 0.4 inches) in Nevatim and even Kibbutz Yotvata felt raindrops with 3 mm (0.1 inches) of rain.