According to a MEMRI report, Abu Mazen’s adviser on NGO’s and Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu El-Einan threatened Palestinians who sell land to Israelis on Iran’s Al Alam TV: “The way to defeat the Israeli occupation is the way of the martyr Mutaz Hijazi (who shot Israeli activist Yehuda Glick). If the people don’t fight the Israeli occupation in the way they see fit, in order to liberate their land, they do not deserve to live.”

“There were cases of document forging when Jews took over some lands,” he stressed. “Some land brokers must be killed. I call upon our Palestinian people: anyone who sells even an inch of our Palestinian land must be killed in the streets and hanged on an electric pole.”

This was not the first time that El-Einan threaten to murder innocent people. According to Palestinian Media Watch, last July, he posted on his facebook page: “Let every hour of the settlers’ presence on our land be a source of threat and terror for them. Let us deprive their lives of security, so that the Palestinian land becomes a minefield against the occupation. Our people will no longer accept condolences for the deaths of its Martyrs (Shahids). The occupation must pay the price for our Martyrs’ blood and itself accept condolences [for those Israelis killed].”

He has also systematically praised Palestinian terrorism against Israel. El-Einan referred to the murderer of an Israeli father of five as a “heroic fighter” and a terrorist who slaughtered a baby as “a heroic martyr.” Additionally, he glorified the bullets that shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick as “a beacon.” In 2013, five members of the US Congress wrote a letter to Abu Mazen, demanding that he remove him from power for making statements such as these. So far, Abu Mazen has refused to act upon this letter.