The Ministry of Defense released the “salaries” earned by Palestinian terrorists ahead of the vote tomorrow to cut these funds from the Palestinian Authority’s budget. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for an end to “this theatrical absurd” while former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon talked about the methods used to promote terrorism.

Relatives of Palestinian terrorists display pictures in the West Bank

Relatives of Palestinian terrorists display pictures in the West Bank Photo Credit: Ahmad Gharabli/Flash 90

Tomorrow (Monday), the Knesset will vote on a bill that proposes to cut payments to the Palestinian Authority until it stops paying terrorists. Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Ministry released the amounts of money that the Palestinian Authority has paid terrorists and their families so far.

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said during an interview with Hadashot that these payments clearly promote and encourage terrorists as well as their families to go out and perform these acts of terror, pointing to the fact that the more time served by the so-called “martyrs,” the higher the pay.

According to the information released by the Defense Ministry, millions of shekels are shelled out to terrorists and their families. The higher the stakes are, the higher the pay.

Omar Abu Jalal, 19, who was responsible for the murder of three members of the Solomon family, has received NIS 12,200 (about $3,374) so far, according to the the Palestinian Authority’s “salary chart,” which determines that for the first three years, he will receive a monthly “salary” of NIS 1,400 (about $387) and additional monthly payments for the rest of his life. This means that by the time he reaches the age of 80, he will have earned more than NIS 12 million (about $3.31 million), according to the report.

23-year-old Karam Fathi Lutfi Razek, charged with the murder of Eitan and Na’ama Henkin in 2015 and sentenced to two life sentences and another 30 years in prison, has so far “earned” NIS 46,000 (about $12,721). By the time he is 80, his earnings will have reached more than NIS 11 million (about $3 million).

29-year-old Zid Ziad Jamil Amar, who was also convicted of murdering the Henkin couple and sentenced to two life sentences and another 30 years, has so far been paid NIS 40,600 (about $11,228), and Bad Al-Hakim Aasi, 19, who was charged with the murder of Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal and arrested about a month ago, has so far received NIS 1,400 (about $387) and will continue to receive the same amount for the first three months.

“I call on all Knesset members to join us and vote for the law and put an end to this theatrical absurdity,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said ahead of Monday’s first passing of the vote to deduct any money forwarded to terrorists and their families from the PA’s budget and to re-allocate that money towards a special fund for victims of terrorism and towards projects aimed at combating terrorism.