Israel released no official confirmation of a cease-fire with Hamas and PIJ but the current assessment is that Hamas is interested in reaching an understanding after IDF destroyed most of its rocket production capabilities

Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz with PM Netanyahu.

Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz with PM Netanyahu. Hadas Parush/Flash90

The Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced Wednesday morning they reached a ceasefire agreement with Israel to return to Operation Protective Edge in 2014 outline. However, Israel Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz denied that a ceasefire had been reached. 

Hamas political bureau official Khalil al-Haya stated today that the Palestinian factions would be committed to the ceasefire as long as Israel was in compliance as well. Al-Haya stressed that the Palestinian resistance movement succeeded in repelling Israeli aggression and changing the equation, and added that the organization’s goals from the last day have been achieved.

The Israeli government did not reply to the Palestinian statements and released no official announcements regarding the ceasefire.

An Israeli official said today that “the IDF gave a significant blow tonight,” and warned Hamas of the price the organization will pay if the fire is renewed. “If the fire resumed, the attacks on Hamas and its supporters would be even stronger.”

The current Israeli assessment of the situation is that Hamas is not interested in continuing the conflict after IDF destroyed most of its rocket production capabilities, and is actually making every possible effort to end the conflict. As part of Hamas efforts to reach an agreement with Israel, the PIJ was explicitly instructed to cease firing and Hamas members were deployed along the border in an attempt to stop the extremist elements from firing at Israel

The Israeli goal is to restore peace and security from a position of strength and deterrence, and not to be drawn into a firefight or a broad confrontation. Despite the extensive attacks on Israel, it was decided to leave all the border crossings open to allow the entry of food, equipment, and medicine into the Gaza Strip.