The terrorist groups accused Israel of escalating the situation by trying to “change the status quo” in Gaza.

A Hamas terrorist

A Hamas terrorist Photo credit: Rahim Khatib, Flash90

Members of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad are accusing Israel of “trying to change the status quo” in Gaza, adding that they are not interested in an escalation of tensions but will respond to any Israeli attack.

Both organizations sent representatives to speak on Palestinian media Tuesday afternoon, hours after a heavy projectile attack from Gaza hit southern Israeli towns, prompting an extensive strike by the IDF.

“Only a fool can assume we will not retaliate against the Israeli attempt to (change the status quo) – it will not change,” a Hamas spokesperson said, but added that the organization is not interested in a full-blown war with Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently holding a special consultation meeting with top security officials in light of the situation. We will update as soon as it ends.