This evening (Tuesday), the three Israelis murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Har Adar were brought to rest. Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh spoke at 20-year-old Israel Border Policeman Solomon Gavriyah’s funeral: “You carried out your duty with great motivation, a love for the country and people.”

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The three Israelis murdered in Tuesday morning’s terror attack in Har Adar have been laid to rest this evening: 20-year-old Border Police officer Solomon Gavriyah was buried in the military section of the Be’er Ya’akov cemetery; 25-year-old Youssef Ottman was buried in Abu Gosh; 25-year old Har Adar resident Ori Arish was laid to rest in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem. As reported earlier by JOL, three suspects were arrested in connection to the attack.

“There is no greater sacrifice than that of policemen and women, and there are never any words to describe bereavement,” Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh eulogized Gavriyah. “You carried out your duty with great motivation, a love for the country and people. About a year ago, during a mission in the Har Adar region, you were wounded in a stabbing attack but you insisted to return to duty, to remain a fighter with your friends. You could not bear the fact that your comrades would continue to bear the burden.”

20-year-old Solomon Gavriyah

20-year-old Solomon Gavriyah Photo Credit: Israel Border Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

Arish’s best friend, Avi Ben-David Ohayon, said that he received the bad news from his family: “I got up at 8:00 AM, turned on the television and saw the news on the terror attack in Har Adar. I right away said – something is wrong,” Ohayon explained. “I sent a message to Or: ‘Or, my brother, is everything okay?’ But he did not answer and his parents did not answer. I called his sister who was crying on the phone, the family still did not know. After half an hour, his sister just wrote to me the word: ‘killed.’”

25-year-old Youssef Ottman from Abu Gosh

25-year-old Youssef Ottman from Abu Gosh Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Ottman’s father said that his son was a security guard in the security unit in Har Adar, and every morning he would bring Palestinian workers to work in the settlement. “Youssef, my eldest son, a civilized child, educated, loved everyone, everyone loved him in the family and in the village,” said the father. “Everyone who knew Youssef loved him, simply a good boy, who tried to help everyone. All who asked for his help got it. That’s how it is, the good people go first, finishing their job in this world very quickly.”