Ahead of Friday’s Palestinian protest march, an Israeli lawmaker has suggested that Israel lure the protesters away from the Gaza border by dropping food and medicine from the sky.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Israeli Security Cabinet on Monday discussed the upcoming “march of the million” planned for Friday, in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are expected to march toward the Gaza Strip border fence.

One unique proposal that came up during the meeting is to lure the protesters away from the fence by dropping food and medicine from the sky using UAVs or jets. Minister Yuval Steinitz, who suggested this, said such a move would be a two-fold benefit for Israel: It would help prevent violent clashes and it would show the Gazan residents that Israel takes care of them.

Meanwhile, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot said Israel must remain on high alert. “There are many challenges facing us,” he said. “The high volatility on the Palestinian front requires us to be constantly alert. And in the north, Iran is forcibly holding onto the territories of Syria and Lebanon and is supporting Hezbollah’s efforts to strengthen and arm itself.”

“In light of developing threats in an ever-changing strategic environment, we are required to act with force and determination to prove our superiority and our ability to defend our country and defeat our enemies,” Eizenkot added.

Last week, JOL reported that Israel is planning to drop tear gas on protesters using UAVs in case violent clashes erupt, as a way of dispersing them while minimizing the risk involved.